Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy
Indian Institute Of Technology , Kharagpur


Sponsored research and industrial consultancy are two important modes through which the faculty maintains contact with the frontiers of knowledge and the latest developments in technology.

Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy (SRIC), a special R&D Cell, was set up in 1982 as an interface between funding agencies and the Institute to handle sponsored research projects and industrial consultancy assignments. Over the years, this centre has played a vital role in bringing together the people from the Industry and the faculty of the Institute resulting in important contributions to design and development in the country.

The cell, equipped with computerised office and in-house banking facility, has the capacity to handle 600 R&D projects at a time frame. SRIC has so far handled about 1221 research projects worth Rs. 104 crores.

Currently the centre has over 450 sponsored projects from national and international clients to the tune of over Rs. 40 crore.

SRIC Organistion Structure

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