Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy
Indian Institute Of Technology , Kharagpur

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Dean, SRIC

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The academic excellence of an educational institution stands on its research capability, where learning and innovation complement each other. IIT Kharagpur has been committed towards developing and maintaining the highest standards in both fundamental research as well as applied research. The wide variety of engineering sciences at IIT Kharagpur provides a unique environment that fosters inter-disciplinary research in cutting edge technology areas, such as energy, nanotechnology, semiconductors, manufacturing, bioengineering, and computational sciences. The diversity of in-house expertise at IIT Kharagpur has also catalyzed the development of a healthy ecosystem for large scale industrial collaborations in multi-disciplinary areas, such as automotive control, railways research, steel technology, petroleum and biofuels research, industrial robotics, agricultural automation and many more. IIT Kharagpur's research programs reach across the campus and beyond, linking together all its departments, academic centers and advanced R&D laboratories, stimulating the integration of inquiry, new knowledge, and education.

The IITs are increasingly being regarded as the primary drivers for indigenous technology development targeting the needs of the nation. Research sponsored by Government as well as the industry is expected to grow in the years to come, spearheaded by the faculty and research students of the premier academic institutes.

At IIT Kharagpur, the Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) cell of the institute acts as the conduit for industrial interaction and faculty participation in sponsored research. The primary role of this cell is to sense the emerging landscape of various technology domains, prepare and enable the technology roadmap of the institute by interfacing with the industry, various ministries, peer academic institutions and R&D laboratories, and monitor the execution of the numerous sponsored R&D and consulting activities of the institute.

Brand-IIT is one of the most respected brands that the country has produced post-independence.
I am privileged to be part of this great academic community which shapes the best minds of the country to build world leaders. The key ingredient of this success is the endless effort of my colleagues in working on the frontiers of technology and bringing their experience back into high quality teaching and research. We thank our industry partners for relying on our technical competence. We thank the government for challenging us with the most significant technical challenges of the nation. We, along with our colleagues from other leading academic institutions of the country, are committed towards making India the R&D powerhouse of the world.

Prof. Pallab Dasgupta
Dean, SRIC