Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

UG Portal

The UG Research Portal is an initiative by the Technology Transfer Group in association with SRIC to shape the budding minds of our institute for high-quality research and to foster the research culture among the UG students. The UG Research Portal will provide necessary platform for our UG students to undertake research projects during winter/summer vacation. It is an opportunity to encourage our UG students to take part in research work within the campus and to use their potentials to design products, devices or come up with research publications.

Faculty members who wish to involve UG students in their research works can float projects through the portal along with a short description of the project and pre-requisites. Then the students of their choice/requirement can be selected by looking into the CV and other documents of the students submitted in the portal. The projects may hold for any duration and may start/end at any time of the year.

Financial assistance to the selected student is solely the choice of faculty member associated with the project. You can access the portal through the link provided below.