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Message from Dean (R&D)

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Research plays a significant role in building a nation, creating huge opportunities for people hallmarked by rising income levels and standard of living. With a wide diversity of research expertise available within the Institution, IIT Kharagpur has been geared up to take up leadership in Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) in a plethora of niche areas ranging from agriculture and food engineering on one side to technologies for affordable healthcare on the other. Our special emphasis is to develop and commercialize niche technologies for the under-served community- a perspective that makes us unique as compared to the rest of the glamourous pool of academic Institutions.

Integration of computational and data sciences into all areas of research has offered new vistas of research and development, revolutionizing the way in which science may be practised and technology may be developed. Researchers from IIT Kharagpur are in a continuous endeavour to develop novel physics-based data-driven paradigms, towards catering these challenging needs. Currently, a large number of Sponsored Research Projects, funded by the Government of India as well as Companies all around the globe, are running in IIT Kharagpur, with a vision of integrating data sciences with traditional know how on a variety of areas including energy, water, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture on one side and legal judgement, intellectual properties, happiness and cultural heritage on the other.

Research plays a significant role in building a nation, creating huge opportunities for people hallmarked by rising income levels and standard of living.

Dr. Suman Chakraborty
Dean (R&D)

By putting our creative applications of scientific knowledge at work, IIT Kharagpur established Science and Technology Entrepreneurs' Park (STEP) a couple of decades back, compounded by the recent introduction of a Research park at Kolkata, for creating sustainable employment opportunities through workable start-up ventures under professional mentorship. Our progressive collaborations with manufacturing industries, MSMEs and government and international funding agencies have bestowed IIT Kharagpur with specialized Centre of Excellences of cutting-edge industrial applications. The essence of all these endeavours has been triggered by the passion of acting as a pioneer in envisaging a knowledge-driven national economy, by fostering entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization. There is a dedicated student group, named Technology Transfer group, towards furthering Industry-Academia collaboration with the highest level of innovation, impact and interest.

At SRIC, we help foster an ecosystem of sustainable collaborative research and consultancy programmes with industries and renowned academic and research institutes. We work at length, to fulfil the finance management and administrative support, offer IPR protection for technologies developed and transferred, and organise collaborative workshops to open gateways of future sustainable R&D initiatives.

My own personal vision is to lead SRIC towards corporatization, which will enable SRIC to achieve exponential growth mediated by a sustainable business model. All this has already started with a recent relocation of SRIC to new premises. From an office merely serving the faculty for various Projects, we are under rapid transformation towards an Office that offers leadership towards undertaking unexplored initiatives in funded research and entrepreneurship. I have also inculcated an extreme informal environment at Office, in an effort to be unstructured to move things faster and minimize dependences on individuals rather than emphasizing on a system. My Office runs without any colonial paradigm of secretarial support; I can personally be reached at any point of time round the clock via email, voice or mobile messaging.

Yet, our envisaged success is not an end in itself. To serve our Institution better, we need to ask. How can we better support our colleagues to develop their research with no bureaucratic hindrance? How can we better guide our students to become the next generation of leaders in their fields of research? We continually strive for a transparent understanding of institutional requirements and adapting them into operational planning and execution, as well as building up a road map together for the way forward. I envisage that those days are not far away when IIT Kharagpur will emerge as a true global leader in research and product development in every sphere of relevance.